Grunnah Power Skating (GPS Hockey) has several types of training offerings:

At GPS Hockey, we help skaters identify and fine-tune their strengths while addressing and correcting weaknesses in order to become complete hockey players. Our method develops the entire player, offering advanced techniques in all aspects of on-ice performance. Our training is designed to give players more tools for direct in-game application both with and without the puck. We don't just train the body, but the individual as a whole. We impart you with the confidence to perform at your best and teach you the skills needed to succeed every time you take the ice.

To learn more about our methodology, click here. Based in Chicago, IL, Grunnah Power Skating, LLC (GPS) was founded by Christian Grunnah in the fall of 2017.


A native of Chicago, Christian Grunnah culminated his amateur hockey career at the highly acclaimed college preparatory school Shattuck-St. Mary’s in Faribault, Minnesota. Having learned to skate from his father, a three-time U.S. National Champion speed skater, Christian’s approach to hockey has always been unique to that of his peers. Since he was never the biggest player on the ice, he utilized his ability to skate quickly, effectively and efficiently to be a high impact player. Using what he has learned from in-game experience, Christian has applied these techniques—as well as techniques from figure skating, biomechanics and downhill ice cross—to all of his coaching and instructing. With a Master of Fine Arts degree in acting from the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia, with a focus on ensemble, acrobatic and movement training techniques analogous to those used by the famous Red Army hockey program, Christian also brings a unique perspective on performance to his on-ice teachings. He has trained and played with NHL-level players both on and off the ice, and has coached internationally in Slovakia, Germany, Austria, and England.